“Runnin Down A Dream”

How many dreams have we all chased, but never put a plan together to make them come to life? How may hours behind an office desk have we sat and day dreamed about another life?  Daydreamed about a life without responsibilities, a life without being confined by four (4) walls, a life without a lot meaningless stuff collecting dust?

This blog is about just that, chasing a dream.  Or, rather…..”Runnin Down A Dream.”   The title comes from a Tom Petty song, released on April 24, 1989 (RIP 10/2/2017). It’s about our journey to fulfill a dream of taking a year (or more) off and sailing the Inter Coastal Waterway (ICW as the more seasoned boaters call it).   Our goal is to document our journey from research, to our first voyage and the many other voyages along the way.


IMG_6030 122716 ICW Flagler Memorial Bridge Palm Beach copyright

The ICW at the Flagler Memorial Bridge, Palm Beach, FL


IMG_6026 122717 ICW Flagler Museam Palm Beach copyright

The Flagler Museum – Palm Beach, Fl.  Located just at the base of the Flagler Memorial Bridge



We originally thought the Inter Coastal ran from Miami to Maine.  But, as we began our research of scouring an arm’s length list of blogs we soon found out that there was way more to the ICW than we ever imagined.   Did you know that it actually is known as the “America’s Great Loop” and spans more than 5,000 miles?  According to the America’s Great Loop Association, depending on the routes, some boaters have actually traveled upwards of 6,000 miles.

Americas Great Loop

The more we research, the better we understand the history of the ICW.   For us, it’s about an adventure to travel and see the country by water, not by land.  Someone once said, “Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel across the country from coast to coast without seeing a damn thing.”  It’s true, we could easily hop in a motor home or camper and hit the road at 70mph with the countryside whipping past us.  But, instead we chose a route less known, less traveled and at a slower pace of 5 – 7 knots taking in all this great country has to offer.

As we begin this journey we are finding ourselves immersed in boat ad after boat ad, trying to determine size, comfort, etc. of what would make a good vessel for us.  It’s a little daunting to say the least as questions like, “do we buy a sailboat or a cruiser” “gas engine or diesel engine,” are running rampant through our heads.

We have a long way to go before we actually pull up anchor.  So, stay tuned as we embark on this new adventure…

Mike & Donna